The Digital Life Of Australians

05:27' 06-02-2018
Last November the Australian Psychological Society (APS) released the results of their Digital Me survey.


    The survey explored how social media and technology affects the wellbeing of more than 1,000 Australian adults and 150 teens aged 14-17 years.

    General findings

    79% of teens and 54% of adults are highly involved with their mobile phones.

    90% use social media, with Facebook and You Tube the most popular.

    Teens are higher users of social media than adults, logging on 5-9 times a day, almost every day. 

    Both teens and adults use social media throughout the day, including meal times and in the company of others. 

    60.3% of teens and 41.8% of adults use it just before bed.


    63% of teens feel pressure to look good, and 59% feel validated when others “like” their posts.

    51.1% adults with a high level of phone use felt the pressure to look good, and 50.4% feel validated and recognised when others “like” their posts.

    More Instagram users (20.6%) than non-users (12.6%) were classified as having low self-esteem.

    Bullying and anti-social behaviour

    28.7% of teens and 20.9% of adults have been bullied on social media.

     35.1% of teens and 24.7% of adults have posted content they later regretted.

    Adults who had been bullied were more likely to be 18-34 years of age.


    15% of teens report being contacted daily on Facebook by strangers.

    10% actually made contact with strangers.

    60% of parents do not monitor the online activity of their children.

    The whole survey is on a dropbox slideshow at  

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