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22:26' 07-02-2018
A university qualification can improve your career chances, but many people think it is too expensive or difficult, especially if they are already in a career. Taking time off work to get a degree requires money to support yourself, and there is a risk of losing your position.


    Open Universities Australia (OUA) is an easy solution to this problem. By making it simpler for you to study online, OUA provides a way to achieve the goal without sacrificing your present chances.

    Single subject study

    If you have no prior experience, just start with just one subject. There are no entry requirements, so all you need to do is enrol and start studying at your own pace, adding extra subjects when the time is right.

    Lower cost

    By choosing separate subjects instead of a full degree course, you don't have to commit to large fees straight away. You can choose extra subjects when they suit your budget. OUA partners with universities across Australia, to bring you over 150 degrees and 1300 subjects, all available to study online. 

    Building to a degree

    If you decide to take on a full degree after studying a few subjects, the subjects you’ve studied may count towards that degree.

    Census date

    Each subject of study offered at a university has a census date. This is the last date you can withdraw from a subject without being financially liable for the subject. If you decide you’re not satisfied with your subject before the census date, simply withdraw your enrolment.

    Upfront payment

    There is no need for upfront payment. If you’re eligible for a student loan (FEE-HELP), you have years to pay off the loan, which is interest-free. Loans can apply to both full degrees and single subjects.

    Reduce fees

    If you are doing a full degree, you may be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). This means you share the cost of your degree with the government, and no repayment is required. To pay your share of the fees, you can take out a loan (HECS-HELP).

    For more information, contact a student advisor by phoning 13 OPEN, or visit the OUA website at, where you can also chat live.

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