The Easy Ways Your Money Slips Away

15:05' 12-09-2018
Modern women are increasingly encouraged to become independent in their personal finances to take control of their lives. However, women often find themselves out of pocket because of their spending habits.

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    Spending plan

    Women often try to control their expenditure. They compare supermarket specials, try to keep to a stable budget, and even complain if their husbands squander too much money.

    Trying to control expenditure is commendable, but you should also think about how to split your income wisely. Make a deposit of 10% of your monthly income into your bank account, and use the rest for your spending plans. This means you still have savings, without tightening your belt.

    Avoid illusions

    You won't save money just by cutting your spending. Cheap items will need to be replaced quickly, or repaired, so you won't be able to avoid new costs. For a long-term strategy, it is better to find ways to make more money.

    Sacrifice less

    Sociologists in the UK have found that single women are better off than married ones, even with the same income. Single women have more “free money”. However, the spending habits of single and married men are quite similar.

    This is because married women dedicate all the money they have on their families, and refuse to spend on themselves. This is a hard habit to break.

    Refuse invitations

    If your colleagues suggest buying snacks, or your friends ask you to go out in the evening, accepting every invitation directly affects your budget. It is easy to spend too much, for the sake of a social life.

    In this situation, you may be afraid that your image will deteriorate in others' eyes. However, wasting money to please others is not a good idea.


    Many women believe shopping is a way to relieve stress, but this can also make them shopaholic. Also, shopping behaviour directed by emotions makes it easy to fall into marketing traps. Be a smart consumer, by not shopping when you feel impulsive.

    Phung Nguyen



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