The Effect Of Eating Four Almonds Each Day

18:51' 29-08-2017
Almonds, like many nuts, are a great aid to diet and health. The surprising thing is that you can get real benefits from eating only four almonds each day.

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    Lose weight

    Scientific studies have shown that people who eat almonds regularly need less calories than those who do not. Also, the fibre and vitamins in almonds help burn extra body fat very effectively.

    Reduce cholesterol

    Almonds are one of the top foods to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. If you see white spots appear under your eyelids, or you suffer from prematurely grey hair, you should eat more almonds to lower cholesterol levels.

    Healthier and glossier hair

    Magnesium and zinc in almonds help stimulate the growth of hair, while vitamin E in them makes it healthier.

    Prevent wrinkles

    Almonds contain a large amount of manganese, a compound that produces collagen. Vitamin E also helps prevent wrinkles and effectively slows the aging process.

    Prevent heart diseases

    Magnesium, antioxidants and unsaturated fats in almonds help prevent heart diseases.

    Improve digestion

    Almonds contain many beneficial bacteria called prebiotics, which support the digestive system and prevent flatulence and constipation.

    Improve memory

    Vitamin E and fat in almonds help improve your memory and concentration, while slowing the aging of your brain.

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