The Japanese Diet For A Slim Figure

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According to WHO and Worldobesity statistics, the obesity rate in Japan is only 3% of the population, making it a world leader in the proportion of people with a fine figure.

    Bữa ăn của người Nhật bao gồm đủ các nhóm thành phần dinh dưỡng.


    Experts say that the secret behind the good body shape of Japanese is their principles of healthy eating. Since 2000, the Japanese government has been researching and developing a standardised food pyramid, providing healthy diet recommendations to help extend life expectancy and maintain a beautiful figure.

    Eight basic nutrition principles make up the Japanese diet.

    • Your daily diet should consist of five to seven serves of cereals, five to six serves of vegetables, three to five serves of protein, two serves of fruit, and two serves of butter and milk.
    • Each meal includes all these food groups. Standard lunches in Japan's schools usually include rice served with meat or fish, miso soup, a glass of milk and a portion of fruit.
    • Eat slowly and enjoy the meal, rather than eating in a hurry. Japanese people often sit at the table to enjoy the elaborate cuisine, do not eat while walking, and eat at the right time of day.
    • Minimise the consumption of processed, high sugar and salt foods, and sugary drinks.
    • Eat seasonal foods. Japanese people eat more rice and fish, and rarely eat Western foods.
    • Lunch is a part of the education program in Japan. An awareness of the importance of nutrition is built up from primary school.
    • Keep a balance between daily calorie intake and consumption. Japanese people exercise at fixed times each day, either at the gym, or by taking a walk or run.
    • The Japanese are not in the habit of storing foods all week in the refrigerator. They shop every day, choose fresh foods, and enjoy them immediately after cooking.

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