The Many Benefits Of Bamboo

16:58' 05-09-2018
The bamboo plant is considered to be the luckiest plant in feng shui. It is a powerful tool to attract abundance, prosperity and better health.

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    According to Feng Shui Pundit, the bamboo plant is so lucky because it is hollow, like a pipe, helping the movement of Chi (air) energy. The hollow structure of the plant also teaches us to let positive energy flow from within, calming the mind and helping us to focus better.


    Bamboo is related to all the 5 elements on which feng shui is based upon.

    • The plant itself is the wood element.

    • We have to keep its vase filled with water.

    • Stones in the vase represent the Earth element.

    • A red ribbon tied around the vase or the plant represents fire.

    • Usually a metal coin is also tied with the red ribbon, or placed in the vase.


    There are two vital areas to put bamboo for good feng shui.

    • In the East, it attracts health for family members.

    • In the South-East, it helps finances and brings in more money.


    You must keep the water balance, never over watering the plant or letting go dry.

    Don't place bamboo in direct sunlight.

    Keep clutter, dirt and anything negative away from the plant.


    The number of stalks brings different kinds of luck. The only one to avoid is the four stalk bamboo. This is very unlucky, and should never be given as a gift.

    • 2: doubles the luck and is often associated with love

    • 3: happiness, long life and prosperity

    • 5: healthy body, mind, career and finance.

    • 8: auspicious for growth, and believed to improve fertility

    • 9: good luck and blessings to the receiver.

    • 21: most powerful of all, granting wishes and bringing wealth, health and abundance


    Melbourne is not the ideal environment for bamboo, but it can be grown here with the right care. To choose a variety, or for reliable advice on cultivation, visit Red Cloud Bamboo, 116 Old Dandenong Road, Heatherton, or phone 9551 8559.

    Yan Yi


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