The Right Things To Eat With Moon Cakes

15:31' 24-09-2018
Moon cakes are high in calories, but eating them with the right foods foods will promote digestion, burn excess fat, lower cholesterol and prevent damage to your health.

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    Eating a slice of Moon cake while sipping oolong tea will give you the refreshing feeling of a balanced taste. The tea contains acetic acid, promoting digestion and reducing fat accumulation in the body.


    Just eating half a grapefruit, you will get around 78% of your daily vitamin C needs. This fruit also helps lower blood cholesterol, lose weight and reduce belly fat.

    Kiwi fruit

    The vitamin C in one kiwi fruit is equivalent to 170 ml of orange juice. High levels of potassium in kiwi fruit helps stabilise blood pressure. It is also a good source of fibre that promotes bowel health and lowers bad cholesterol.


    Drinking light wines can reduce the greasy feeling of Moon cakes. Moreover, amino acids, minerals and vitamins in wine will help support digestion. Eating Moon cakes with red wine has become a trendy dining experience.

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