The Right Time For An Afternoon Nap

18:59' 19-07-2017
According to Health Spirit Body, experts believe that napping is a very normal activity. It cannot be ignored, because it is connected to the sleep cycle of circadian rhythms in each person.

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    Studies also indicate that a short nap can help raise awareness and productivity immediately afterwards.

    We do not need to take a nap for long, since a 15-20 minute nap is enough to help us refresh our spirits, recharge our energy, and improve work productivity and brain functions.

    According to a study by Boulder University of Colorado in the US, children who go without a nap often show no interest in activities. In addition, they often feel more anxious, and have poorer problem solving skills than those who regularly nap.

    Studies in adults produced similar results. Researchers in Berkeley, USA, found that adults routinely take advantage of a nap to improve brain functions, because napping helps the brain to restart after resting.

    Comparing the results of napping for different times leads to some interesting facts.

    • 10-20 minutes at noon is enough to refresh the brain, recharge the energy and stay awake.
    • 30 minutes or more will put our body into a state of semi-consciousness. This is because after that time, we wake up just as our body begins to go into a deeper sleep.
    • 60 minutes of napping helps improve memory.
    • 90 minutes afternoon napping can offset the effects of insomnia at night.

    Although experts recommend regular naps for the good of both mind and body, you should not  sacrifice sleep at night and try to make up for it by napping at noon.

    Phung Nguyen

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