The Worst Place For Rubbish Bins

19:35' 01-11-2017
Everything has its good and bad position in feng shui, and that also applies to the simple rubbish bin. Placing your bins incorrectly can lead to broken relationships and business failures.



    Avoid the North West

    In feng shui, the North West is the representative of power and leadership. This position is only for the director, general manager, or chairman of the board in a company. For a representative office or a subsidiary of a corporation, this direction best suits the business manager.

    In the home, the North West is also very important. If you accidentally put rubbish bins or sewage pipes here, your family's financial luck will be stained and the breadwinner’s business will risk trouble and failure.

    Financial loss

    The living room is considered the second place of convergence for your financial luck. Sometimes there are only one or two bins in the house, and you can't avoid putting them in the living room. In this case, don't put them at the location of financial luck, the corner of the room diagonally opposite the door.

    Health problems

    Putting the bins at the wrong place in the living room also badly affects your family’s health. For example, too close to the sofa or cupboard are places related to eating and resting. In this way, waste and bad smell from them make it easy for bacteria to multiply and infect humans.

    Also, rubbish bins contain a lot of dirt, so the gas they emit very easily affects the good air around people. This can put your family in an unstable mood, suffer a debilitating disease, or become ill.

    Unknown location

    If you do not know much about directions, how should position the bins? In this case, place them where it is not easy to see them, or buy a stylised bin that doesn't looks like a rubbish bin from a distance.


    What is not clean should not be in view. As a result, bins with lids are recommended.

    Moreover, the lids help prevent odours from getting out to pollute the air. If your bins don't have  lids, replace them. Meanwhile, empty and clean them regularly, or cover them with plastic bags or newspapers.

    Phung Nguyen



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