Things In The Home We Forget To Clean

19:45' 30-08-2017
The time is getting nearer for the annual “spring clean”. Better weather encourages us to clean windows, floors, cupboards, tiles, refrigerator and so on.

    And yes, the TV remote and landline phone are probably the most germ-covered devices we own. They don't have touch screens so they get completely overlooked.


    But although we have no trouble noticing the “big things”, there are a few little things around the home that we often overlook.

    Blankets and pillows

    Some people use these to drape or throw over the sofa, but they gather dust, fluff and animal hair like everything else.

    It is best to put blankets in the washing machine, but air dry them outside on a fine day. The fabric may be damaged in the dryer. Pillow covers can be cleaned like any other laundry.


    The highest things are easily missed, such as ceiling fans, high shelves, pantry and cupboard tops, and the grill on the bathroom fan.

    Light fixtures

    While you have the step ladder out, give some care to the overhead light fixtures, especially in the kitchen. These gather grease and attract flies and insects in summer.

    Remote controls

    With repeated handling, especially if you eat while watching TV, remote controls become grubby with grease. Use disinfectant wipes to make them look like new.

    Landline phone

    Phone sets become grubby the same way remote controls do. Being in a common area, they give a shabby appearance. Also, the grease is a breeding ground for germs.

    Kitchen bin

    If we usually line kitchen bins with plastic bags, this helps to keep them fairly clean. However, they always manage to attract some food particles and stains. This can turn to mould or mildew in time.

    Give them a good scrub with warm water and a little disinfectant.

    Toothbrush holder

    Soap holders often get cleaned when we clean the shower or bath, but surprisingly, toothbrush holders are easily ignored even when we clean the bathroom sink. Dried toothpaste makes an unsightly and unhygienic mess.

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