Things To Carry In Every Car

02:04' 10-12-2018
You never know what situations may arise when youre driving, so its best to think ahead and prepare for all emergencies or inconveniences.

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    Colleen Moyne, of Money Off, suggests some things that add very little weight to your car, but can help in times of need.


    Always carry two containers of water. A large container is handy if you need to top up your radiator, or clean up a mess. You should also carry a smaller bottle for drinking, to prevent dehydration.

    First-aid Kit

    This is the thing you hope you will never use, but it could make a difference for you or other drivers. Basic kits are available from groups like RACV or St John Ambulance for only $40-50, or make your own with bandaids, disinfectant, bandages, and a simple first aid booklet. 

    Fire Extinguisher

    These cost $20-50, from auto shops such as Supercheap Auto and Autobarn.

    Cloths and rags

    Use these for cleaning unexpected window stains, checking the oil, and wiping up spills.


    Wet-wipes are mainly useful for personal hygiene, such as fingers, if you are eating and drinking on the run.


    Old blankets and rugs have many uses, from protecting the seat to wrapping large fragile objects to transport.

    Shopping Bags

    Shopping bags are handy for shopping, collecting rubbish, or protection from rain or moisture.

    Street Directory

    If your GPS breaks down, or you don't have phone reception, find your way with a hard copy map.

    Writing materials

    Keep a small notebook and a pen or pencil handy for addresses, contact details, directions or other information.


    A novel, magazine or puzzle book can help pass the time if you are stranded waiting for help. Save your phone's battery power and credit, which you might need for important calls.

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