Things To Consider For A Business Degree

16:56' 16-04-2018
Choosing to study business, like choosing any subject for study, is investing time in setting up the course of your future. Before you commit yourself, says Lucie Towers of Insider Guides, there are five important questions to ask.



    You must carefully consider your own goals, passions and pursuits before starting your degree. It is hard to make decisions now, without giving proper thought about where you want to head in the future. Think about what business-related field you will work in, including where you want to work.


    When you are sure that business is your path, decide what kind of path to take. It is like a musician choosing which instrument to play. You can use a business degree to become a business analyst, economist, or entrepreneur in your own business. If you have a goal in mind, consider a specialisation, like human resources, international business, management or marketing.

    Work experience

    The next step is to look for degree courses offering work experience opportunities or practical industry placements to help you learn and grow beyond the classroom. Real life work experience brings you practical skills and a knowledge of Australian work-culture which potential employers will find encouraging. It can also help you build a network of mentors, collaborators, career services, and other useful connections.

    Degree focus

    You should also look at whether you need a single or combined degree. Combining your specialist business field with other fields will broaden your skill-sets and give you the chance to follow your specific interests. In the competitive job market, that may also give you an extra edge to set you apart from other applicants, or open the door to job prospects that are not available to those who only studied one degree.


    Finally, look closely at the website, social media pages and course outlines of the university you plan to enrol in. The course learning outcomes should match up with your own hopes and expectations, and not limit your possibilities for exploration, efficient learning and personal growth.

    The best way to do this is to go to university Open Days, speak with current students, and talk with the teachers.

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