Time To Prepare For The Summer Heat

17:01' 29-08-2018
As the saying goes, dont wait until youre thirsty before you dig a well. In the same way, think about how to heatproof your home before the summer arrives.

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    With a few simple tricks, you can keep cool indoors without using the air conditioner too much and pushing up your power bill.

    Seal gaps

    Gaps around windows and door frames let the cool air leak out, and bring the hot air in.

    You can test this on a windy day. Hold a burning incense stick near the door or window frame. If there is a draught of air moving the incense smoke, that is where air can also escape.

    Large hardware stores can provide you with a gap filler product to fix the gaps, and advice about how to use it.

    Weather door strips

    Most doors have a gap under them, so they can open and close easily. Weather strips, costing less than $10, can be fitted easily under the door to plug this gap. You only need to apply them to doors opening to the outside.

    Window furnishings

    Windows can bring a great deal of heat into your home. Make sure you have good blinds or curtains to close during the day, or at the time of day when that side of the house is in direct sunlight.

    To avoid cutting out all the light, use sheer curtains made from a number of vertical strips, rather than single heavy sheets of fabric.

    Outside awnings

    The most effective way to keep heat out is to block it before it gets to the window. The solution for this is to install outside awnings. They are more expensive than indoor furnishings, but they last for many years and make a huge difference to the inside temperature.

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