Tips To Give Up Snacking Habits

02:18' 07-12-2018
The key to giving up snacking is to eat foods which leave you feeling full, and avoid foods which increase your appetite.

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    • A high protein breakfast is the best tip for feeling full for longer throughout the day. The simplest way to do this is to add eggs to your breakfast menu.
    • Broccoli helps you feel full for longer, so it should be added to your other meals.
    • Don’t store snack foods in the fridge, drawers or around your work desk. Many people find that they build up an appetite when there are foods in sight.
    • Cut down on simple carbohydrate foods, such as fried foods, fast food, cakes, sweet drinks or alcoholic beverages. Eating these foods too much will only make you feel hungrier.
    • Our body sometimes confuses hunger and thirst. You may feel hungry, but in fact your body is dehydrated. Thus, it is a good idea to drink water instead of milk or fruit juice.
    • Salt causes dehydration, making you constantly hungry. Replace salt with natural spices such as onions, pepper or chillis.
    • Regular exercise not only burns more calories but also boosts metabolism. As a result, you will feel full of energy and reduce the fatigue that causes an appetite.
    • Cold water baths or showers convert white fat into brown fat, producing heat to keep your body warm. This helps both to lose weight and reduce hunger.
    • Use peppermint toothpaste
    • Using peppermint toothpaste also helps control your appetite. When you brush your teeth, your brain receives a signal that you feel full and do not need to eat anything else.


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