Top Things That Tradies Hate

22:29' 07-02-2018
Jeremy Levitt, CEO of find-a-tradie-site ServiceSeeking, says customers who lack trade knowledge can make unreasonable demands when they hire tradies.

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    ServiceSeeking is an online service connecting customers with over 150,000 local businesses. At the end of last year they carried out a survey of more than 700 ServiceSeeking users, asking tradies to vote on the top 5 things customers do that really annoy them.

    If you employ tradies to work on your house, you should be aware of these things.

    Taking too long to pay

    The most hated customer trait, chosen by 48% of tradies, was being too slow to pay for work done. Nobody enjoys the feeling of being cheated or short cash, including tradies. Make sure you can afford the work before you hire someone.


    Haggling over the price annoyed 25% of tradies. A quote given for a job includes the tradie's hourly wage, as well as the cost of materials and transportation. If you have agreed to a job, don't argue with the price. You should shop around first, or if the work is genuinely unsatisfactory, contact Consumer Affairs.

    Watching them work

    Everyone makes mistakes when they are under pressure, and when someone looms over you like a hawk, the pressure can increase. If the tradie is working with power tools, or delicate equipment, there is a bigger chance of damage or even injury. Leave them to work in peace.

    Changing your mind 

    Make sure you know what you want before the job starts. Once you have committed to it, don't change your mind in the middle of the job. This wastes time and can create extra work the tradie has not quoted for.

    Giving advice

    If you hire tradies, you must trust their skills and knowledge. A tradie is an expert, not a home handyman. Even if you think your opinion is helpful, it is not full knowledge of a professional.

    Tradies are also annoyed by unreasonable time expectations (22%) and being spoken down to (10%). 

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