Tricks That Make Cooking Simpler And Easier

13:50' 16-07-2018
A few simple techniques can take a lot of the stress out of decision making in the kitchen.


    • To know when it’s time to turn the steaks, shake the frying pan a little. If the meat slides easily, then it’s time to flip them over.

    • Don't serve meat as soon as it is cooked. Let it sit for a few minutes, for the best texture and flavour.

    • Put a layer of lemon slices between the fish and the grill, to prevent the fish from sticking.

    • To soften butter quickly, heat a glass of water in the microwave. Then pour the water out, and place the glass over a piece of butter. The butter will start melting after a few minutes.

    • When baking something with a cheese coating, add the cheese 5 minutes before taking the dish from the oven. This stops the cheese from burning or turning into a hard crust.

    • Lay a kitchen towel underneath your cutting board to keep it from slipping.

    • Mashed potatoes will be brighter and whiter if you use warm milk, not cold milk.

    • To test an egg for freshness, gently drop it into a deep bowl of cold water. A very fresh egg will sink to the bottom. Eggs that float to the surface have gone bad.

    • To make mayonnaise quickly, blend an egg with 150 ml of olive oil.

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