Typhoons Slow Down Australian Internet

15:06' 05-09-2017
Two typhoons in Asia over the last couple of weeks have had an effect on internet speeds in Australia, according to a report in the Herald Sun.

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    Typhoon Hato formed east of the main Philippines island of Luzon on August 19. The Hong Kong Observatory issued a rare storm warning Hurricane Signal 10, for the first time in five years.

    Within a day the signal was downgraded as the typhoon moved onto the China mainland. No deaths occurred in Hong Kong, but there was considerable flooding on some islands in the territory, and at least 12 people were killed in southern China.

    Typhoon Pakhar, prompting a Signal 8, followed only a few days later. Taking much the same path as Typhoon Hato, it hammered Hong Kong and Macau before bringing heavy storms to Guangdong Province.

    The two typhoons damaged a number of undersea cables between Hong Kong and Sydney. The main breakage was about 50 km off the coast of Hong Kong.

    Internet service providers (ISP) iiNet and Internode issued an alert to their customers advising of the damage. Internet traffic to Australia is temporarily rerouted via the US, which the ISPs say will cause slower internet speeds until repairs to the cable have been completed.

    Repairs are expected to be completed by the middle of October.

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