Useless Beauty Products That Waste Your Money

19:51' 06-02-2018
Many women have dozens of jars, tubes, and sprays in their bathrooms. Most of these products are just marketing tricks, because manufacturers know that women are encouraged to think about their appearance more than men. They are useless and can be easily replaced.

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    Lip sugar scrub

    A small jar of lip sugar scrub costs quite a lot of money, which is an unnecessary investment. It is supposed to remove dry skin from your lips, making them soft and elastic. However, lip skin is very tender. If you use these scrubs too often, your lips can be injured.


    Dandruff is a combination of dead skin cells, fungus, and bacteria on the scalp when it is too dry. If you suffer from severe dandruff, you will need to use a specific product prescribed by your doctor. If your condition is not serious, just use a rich moisturising shampoo.

    Blemish creams

    The cosmetic industry offers many innovative products, from BB cream to CC and DD cream. BB (Blemish Balm) cream was originally a Japanese product used to balance face colour and smoothness, to hide small scars, or prepare the skin for foundation. European cosmetics experts created CC (Colour Control) cream and DD (Daily Defence) cream. You do not necessarily need all of these products, just the one that best meets your demand.

    Eye creams

    The texture of eye creams is not much different from a regular lotion. The only difference is that they are contained in smaller jars and are more expensive. You can completely ignore this product.

    They only give you a pleasant feeling by moisturising your skin.

    2 in 1 shampoo

    Although 2 in 1 shampoo is advertised as both cleansing the scalp and softening the hair as a conditioner, the moisturising effect of this shampoo does not meet its promise. If you have dry hair, or your hair has been styled with chemicals repeatedly, you should invest in a separate professional shampoo and conditioner.

    Hair masks

    Hair masks are advertised as moisturising and restoring hair effectively. Hair conditioner can already do this completely, if you leave it on your hair for a while after shampooing.

    Lifting creams

    Neck and chest “skin lifting creams” are supposed to prevent these two sensitive skin areas from aging. However, they do not really make much difference. If your neck and chest skin is not so bad, you can use a regular body lotion to soften it. If there are signs of aging and sagging on it, you can use an anti-aging facial cream.

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