Using Dzi Beads In Jewellery

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Dzi beads are considered to be one of the strongest defences against negative influences. They can be worn as part of your jewellery, or simply hung up around the home to ward off trouble.

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    Meaning and Origin


    “Dzi” is a Tibetan word, meaning “shining, brightness, clearness”.

    The origin of dzi beads is uncertain, but according to legend they first appeared in India, between 2000 BC and 1000 BC. It is said Tibetan soldiers brought them from Persia, after a raid.

    Dzi beads are said to protect people from the “evil eye”, because they resemble an eye, so it is like having an eye watching over you. They became popular very quickly, and were adopted into the Chinese system of feng shui.

    Dzi Bead Designs

    In feng shui, the beads must have a specific number of circles as the central design. The popular designs for jewellery have 7, 12, or 21 eyes.

    The older they look, the more powerful they are. The strongest Dzi beads are made from agate or carnelian, but a popular form is the Turkish eye bead jewellery, usually made from glass, with deep blue and white colours. They can also be made of resin, wood, bone, plastic, or metal.

    Buying Dzi Beads

    Genuine Dzi beads, handed down in Tibetan families for generations, can be very expensive, costing thousands of dollars.

    Most of the Dzi beads on sale from stores or online are imitations, but because of the design, they are still considered powerful and can cost up to $60.

    Managing Power

    You can increase the power of new beads by asking a priest to bless them, taking them on a pilgrimage to a holy place, or wearing them during religious ceremonies.

    New beads will not carry any negative energy from previous owners. If you think a dzi bead has picked up bad energy, submerge it in saltwater for several hours, then fan incense over it.

    The dzi bead should always be treated with respect and stored carefully.

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