Using The Western Bagua Feng Shui System

14:11' 15-08-2017
For the best results in feng shui, you have to take account of the position in your house or the particular room you are decorating.

    Western, or BTB feng shui bagua, is really easy to define and apply in your home or office. To define the Western feng shui bagua all you need is the floor plan of your home, paper and pencils.


    Traditional feng shui uses the eight compass directions, and each direction has a special area of influence. For instance, South is the area of fame and reputation, North the career and life path, etc. This is called the “bagua map”, from the Chinese phrase for the “eight symbols” of divination.

    They don't have to be precise, but the more exact they are, the better the results. Even so, sometimes they can be confusing, especially if you have renovated your house by adding extra rooms. A room which used to be “North” might now be “Centre”. In this case, you might have to change some decorations or furniture, or even repaint the walls.

    There is another system, called the “Western Bagua”, or the “BTB Bagua”, which some people find easier to use. It is a modern invention, developed in the USA by Professor Lin Yun about thirty years ago.

    This system uses the same nine areas as in classical feng shui, but not the compass directions. Instead, for the base you use the wall which contains your front door. In other words, the front door wall becomes like “South”.

    To apply this system, draw a pattern of nine squares in a 3X3 grid, to represent a floor plan. The specific powers of each area are then assigned to each section of the grid as follows. They are to be read from left to right.

    Bottom Row

    • Spirituality and Personal Growth
    • Career and Path in Life
    • Helpful People and Blessings

    Your front door will be in one of the above three areas.

    Middle Row

    • Health and Family
    • Centre (Heart of Home)
    • Children and Creativity

    Top Row

    • Wealth and Abundance
    • Fame and Reputation
    • Love and Marriage

    Although it looks just like the compass bagua map, the areas are not the same. “Helpful People”, for instance, looks like southeast in this grid, but in traditional feng shui bagua map, “Helpful People” is Northwest.

    When you apply cures from the traditional system, use them according to the area, not the compass direction. It is best to use only one system or the other, don't mix the two.

    If you need more explanation, see the short video by expert Rodika Tchi at  

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