Victoria Proposes Measures For Better Energy Service

19:05' 12-09-2018
The State Government has shown its commitment to improving energy services for Victorians, proposing measures to be adopted if it retains power after the next State election, to be held on Saturday 24 November.

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    Under strong new rules, which will take effect by 1 July next year, energy retailers will be required to:

    • offer a “best offer” to each customer at least twice a year

    • provide advanced notice of any changes to prices, discounts or benefits

    • provide customers with clear advice that helps them find the best contract

    In another move, the government will provide half price solar batteries for 10,000 Victorian households that already have solar panels. This will save eligible households up to $4,838 on installation of a battery storage unit, and around $650 a year on their electricity bills, in addition to savings they are already making.

    The battery program is part of the $1.34 billion Solar Homes initiative, available to Victorians with a household income of up to $180,000, who live in their own home valued at up to $3 million.

    The program will bring the number of homes in Victoria with solar panels to one million within ten years, save Victorians more than $500 million a year on their electricity bills, and generate 12.5% of Victoria’s target to generate 40% renewable energy by 2025.

    Victoria’s first renewable energy auction, part of the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets (VRET), has generated more than 900 megawatts (MW) of new clean energy, almost 45% more than initially expected.

    The six successful wind and solar farms generating this energy will produce enough electricity to power 646,273 households. Together, the projects will also generate $1.1 billion of economic investment in regional Victoria and create more than 900 jobs.

    “This is about modernising our electricity grid to help us transition to a more affordable, reliable and clean energy system,” says Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio.

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