Warning Signs That Your Body Lacks Water

13:54' 16-07-2018
Many problems, from physical illness to moods, arise because you are not drinking enough water.

    Thèm đồ ngọtHiện tượng thèm đồ ngọt khi cơ thể mất nước là do cơ thể sử dụng glycogen để bổ sung năng lượng thiếu hụt. Glycogen là một loại carbonhydrate, có nhiều trong các loại bánh, kẹo. 

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    You feel thirsty when there is not enough water in the body for your organs. Do not wait until you are thirsty, drink eight glasses of water a day to help the body work more effectively.

    Dark yellow urine

    The colour of urine is the clearest sign pointing to water deficiency. Your urine should be clear, not dark yellow. This greatly affects kidney functions.

    Dry skin

    When you drink enough water, your skin will be soft and tender. If you lack water, the skin becomes dry and dull, and wrinkles start to appear.

    Bad breath

    When you are short of water, your body cannot produce enough saliva to remove bacteria, causing bad breath.


    Frequent headaches often show a water deficiency in the body. Without a sufficient water supply, the oxygen and blood flow to the brain is reduced, leading to headaches.

    Craving for sweets

    The craving for sweets when the body is dehydrated is because it uses glycogen to replenish energy. Glycogen is a type of carbohydrate found in many sweets.

    Lack of concentration

    Water transports nutrients to the brain and eliminates toxic substances to boost the body's efficiency. Without enough water, the process slows down, leading to a lack of concentration and even a foul mood.

    Trouble sleeping

    Lack of water can cause snoring, cramps or a dry nasal cavity, all of which can disrupt sleep.

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