Wearing Jeans Can Damage Your Health

18:38' 06-08-2018
Jeans which never go out of fashion and make our body look better are certainly an indispensable item in our wardrobes. However, some habits of wearing them accidentally cause harm to our health.

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    Too tight

    Wearing jeans that are too tight for a long time puts pressure on the nerves and can damage them. Skinny jeans help our body look better, but they limit movement and affect the spine directly. They can also cause indentations, itches or numbness.

    For men, tight pants will affect the development of the penis, and even cause damage to the penis because it is squeezed too long.


    Going to bed while wearing your jeans is a bad habit that is not good for your health at all. It can reduce sleep quality and cause muscle aches.

    When sleeping, choose soft and comfortable clothing. This will help you sleep better and not affect your reclining postures.

    During a period

    Women who wear skinny jeans during their period risk discomfort. Tight jeans increase the temperature in the vagina, enabling the bacteria to multiply. At this time, you should choose soft and comfortable pants.

    The best advice

    • Choose jeans with an appropriate size, not too tight.

    • Choose products made of elastic and soft material to give more freedom of movement.

    • Always wash and dry your jeans after buying.

    • Choose jeans that fit your purpose and circumstances.

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