Wearing Shorts With Big Legs

18:40' 04-06-2018
If you feel self-conscious about your big legs, but still want to wear shorts, there are some ways to get around it.

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    • Don't draw attention to chubby legs with super-tight shorts. Instead, choose ones that are relatively wide. It is easier to move, and your legs look slimmer. Hard cloth such as denim or khaki is best.

    • Make sure the length is not too short. A reasonable length is about 5-7 cm above your knees.

    • Shorts that are too high-waisted can help your legs look longer, but also make your body shape look fatter. At the same time, low-rise shorts make your legs look disproportionate to your upper half. Choose shorts with a waistband that is at navel level, or a little higher.

    • Shorts with bright colours, such as light green and red, or dot and floral patterns, will make your legs look bigger. Dark shorts, such as black, charcoal purple, and dark green, will make them look much slimmer.

    • A lightweight coat will hide some parts of your legs, but still helps you look sexy and your legs look slimmer. It is also very effective at making you look more fashionable. You can combine thin cardigans or chiffon coats with high-waisted shorts.


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