Wedding Perfumes Of The Royal Brides

19:35' 27-11-2017
Cosmetics are not complete without an appropriate perfume. You might be interested to know what Britains princesses chose as a scent for their wedding day.

    Bật mí loại nước hoa mà công nương Kate, Diana và nữ hoàng Elizabeth II sử dụng trong ngày cưới - Ảnh 1.


    Princess Kate

    According to the Daily Mail, Princess Kate Middleton, who married Prince Charles's first son Prince William in 2011, chose a perfume called White Gardenia Petals, manufactured by Britain’s Illuminum brand.

    The scent of White Gardenia Petals is described as “a vase of white flowers shivering in the wind and giving off a delicate and marvelous scent, reminding one of scents of Muguet, Gardenia and Jasmine.”

    White Gardenia Petals has the top notes of tuberose, bergamot and blackcurrant, the middle notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, gardenia jasminoides and ylang ylang, and the base notes of amber and wood.

    Princess Diana

    For her wedding to heir to the throne Prince Charles in 1981, Princess Diana selected a French brand of perfume, Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant, the oldest perfume manufacturer in the world.

    “Quelques Fleurs” is French for “several flowers”.

    The scent of Quelques Fleurs is described as a bouquet of jasmine, red roses, ylang-ylang combined with warm sandalwood and sweet vanilla. Quelques Fleurs, first launched in 1912, is always one of the most sought after perfumes.

    Queen Elizabeth II

    It is not known for sure which perfume Queen Elizabeth II wore in 1947 when she married Prince Philip.

    However, according to The Telegraph, many experts believe that the perfume Queen Elizabeth II has used for many years is White Rose, by the well-established cosmetic brand Floris. The British royal family has used this brand since 1820.

    White Rose has the pungent smell of carnations, the Queen’s most favorite flower. Floris White Rose has the top notes of rose, carnation and foliage, the middle notes of jasmine and violet, and the base notes of musk and amber.

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