Wet Hair Can Be Easily Damaged

19:56' 19-02-2018
Your hair is most sensitive when it is wet, making it more prone to damage quickly. To avoid damage, you should be aware of seemingly harmless habits that can adversely affect your hair.

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    Tying hair

    Tying your hair right after shampooing it is the first habit causing serious hair damage and loss. Letting your hair dry naturally after shampooing keeps it healthy and shiny. If you tie up your wet hair, or put it in a bun, the hair will have to stretch too much. This causes damage and reduces its thickness. It can also cause dandruff and itchy scalp.

    Combing hair

    Combing wet hair right after shampooing it will also stretch it, breaking it faster. In addition, the impact of the comb, especially combs with thick teeth, will cause hair to break. Instead of combing your hair after shampooing, use a cotton towel to gently wipe it, to protect it better.

    Blow-drying hot

    Even if busy work makes you wash your hair late at night, you should not overuse hair dryers. Drying your hair with the highest heat setting will damage hair, because wet hair is very fragile. Exposure to high temperatures will affect hair cells, making the hair lose its lustre. Wait until about 15 minutes after shampooing before using a dryer, so that the hair roots shrink and are no longer affected by the dryer.

    Hair oil

    Applying hair oil after shampooing does not bring any benefit to the hair. Wet hair contains water, so the oil cannot penetrate into hair cells and is dispersed quickly. To make hair oil work best on your hair, use a cotton towel to gently wipe your hair before applying it.

    Sleeping with wet hair

    The habit of going to bed with wet hair will increase dandruff on the scalp. Leave time to let your hair dry naturally, or dry your hair well before going to sleep, so you do not have to worry about hair loss or messy hair when you wake up the following morning.

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