What Brides Need To Know Before The Wedding

22:07' 05-02-2018
As the wedding day approaches, the bride will be busier with dozens of things to do, from skin care to how to eat well. Here are ten things you need to know before your wedding.

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    Eat well

    Eating well and in moderation will help you avoid hunger when the wedding party begins. Drink plenty of water if you plan to join a wine party with friends. You don't want to leave the ceremony because you didn't take care of yourself.


    Consult with fashion designers to choose the right underwear for your wedding dress. Make sure you are confident and comfortable with your underwear and a pair of shoes that fits.


    Ask the photographer how to prepare for the most beautiful photos. If you want photos of wedding rings, invitations or shoes, have them ready so you don't have to look for them when they are needed.

    Practice posing

    Stand in front of a mirror and practice posing for pictures. Every bride wants to look beautiful, so posing like this and asking friends to take pictures of you will help you pose best on the big day.

    Wedding dresses can feel hot

    Wedding dresses are made of heavy fabrics and thin linings, and will be a tight fit. This makes them uncomfortable to wear during the wedding ceremony. Keep a handkerchief ready to wipe away sweat. Some brides use baby powder to avoid the dresses rubbing against their thighs.

    Avoid too many dresses

    To look different in their wedding video or photos, some brides prepare a variety of wedding dresses, thinking guests will enjoy the variety. This is not entirely true, because in the bustle of wedding activities it is easy for them not to notice.

    Pay attention to the right body parts

    Don't pay too much attention to your waist. Although a slim waist is admirable, the body parts that are not covered by the dress, like the arms and back, need the most care. Areas of darker skin also need attention.

    Holding the bouquet

    It is advised that brides should hold the wedding bouquet in front of them comfortably at waist level. This is the best position both for photos and moving around.

    Kissing the groom

    The moment you kiss the groom is very important. Hold your kiss for a few seconds, to make sure the photographer can capture that happy moment.


    Pinterest is good for inspiration, but not practical, because many beautiful pictures will not suit your budget. Be willing to make compromises between your demands and the actual cost.

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