What Recruiters Really Want To Know

19:58' 22-11-2017
Most questions in a job interview are straightforward, with the answers coming from your CV or cover letter. But recruiters always ask one or two questions to see how you act under pressure, or show how well you think on the spot.

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    These are the sort of questions you should prepare for.

    The Employer

    What do you know about the organisation, and why do you want to work there? This question tells the recruiter whether you’ve done your research and are really interested in the job.


    What was the most challenging job you ever had to do? You need to explain why it was a challenge, and how you handled it.

    A similar question is not about work, but about people. Who was the hardest person you ever had to work with? What sort of conflicts between people have you faced? How did you sort out the situation in the end? These questions are designed to assess your teamwork ability, and your tact. Be very careful not to turn your answer into a complaint about the people.


    What would you see as a sign of success in your role? How long you think it will take to achieve that success? This shows not only your ability to plan, but also how realistic your hopes are.

    Most recruiters will ask why you think you are suited for this position. Your answer shows your understanding of the position, and the relevance of your previous experience.

    It is common for recruiters to ask you to describe a situation in which you took the initiative to start a process or system, or change one to make it better.


    A recruiter will feel more confident about someone who has a clear goal for the future, that can be stated simply. A popular question is, where do you see yourself in five years from now? It is not enough to say you want a comfortable life and good pay. Everyone wants that.

    A recruiter might also ask about past goals, and how you achieved them, or why you think you failed to achieve a certain goal.

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