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18:02' 01-08-2018
There is a lot of debate about what the future holds for young people of “Generation Z”, sometimes called “Millennials”.

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    It is not so often that the millennials are given the chance to speak for themselves. Radio station Triple J's current affairs program Hack recently did just this, with its “What's Up In Your World” survey of 11,000 Australians aged 18 to 29.

    The survey asked them to speak about their current situation, opinions, and changes in the last twelve months. Some of the highlights are below.

    Over half have less than $5,000 in the bank, and 4% have no savings.

    28% have more than $5,000 in debt (not including HECS), and 40% have no debt.

    79% believe they'll own a house some day, and a similar percentage wants to be married.

    42% still live with their parents.

    One in 3 have at least one extra job besides their main job.

    Although 20% are unsure about their future, nearly 75% feel extremely or slightly positive.

    Two thirds feel negative about the world’s future, with 78% of women and 56% of men making changes to benefit the environment.

    Three out of four drink about the same or slightly less than a year ago.

    Over half use cannabis, followed by ecstasy and cocaine. One in 4 use “nangs”, small nitrous oxide cannisters used for making whipped cream.

    Women are twice as likely as men to identify as LGBTQI, and about half LGBTQI young people keep it secret.

    The average age for first having sex is 17. Three out of four practise safe sex all or most of the time.

    One in 4 met their partner through a dating app.

    About half believe social media data and info is unsafe.

    61% have sent naked selfies, with negative consequences for one in 10 women and one in twenty men.

    Men care about their looks as much as women.

    Women feel much less safe than men, with nearly half feeling unsafe at night.

    85% consider racism a problem in Australia.

    Only 7% are confident our politicians work in our best interests.

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