When & Where To Park Your Car

20:22' 02-11-2017
Road rules about parking are just as important as driving rules for keeping traffic flowing smoothly without congestion.

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    These general rules and guidelines, along with a lot of other information about road laws, can be found on the RACV website racv.com.au. 

    Public holidays

    Signs which name specific week days do not apply if a public holiday falls on one of those days. For example, if a sign says 2P Mon-Fri, there is no restriction if a public holiday is a Monday.

    If the sign says only 2P, with no days specified, then the parking restriction applies every day, including public holidays.

    No Parking

    This sign means you can only stop if you are dropping off or picking up passengers or goods. You must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle, and drive on as soon as possible, usually within two minutes.

    No Stopping

    The “No Stopping” sign is the same as the older “No Standing” signs. You cannot stop here even to pick up or drop off passengers.

    Yellow line

    Drivers must not stop along sections of road marked with a continuous yellow edge line.

    Fire hydrants

    A driver must not stop within one metre of a fire hydrant or fire plug indicator.

    Post boxes

    A driver must not stop within three metres, unless dropping off or picking up passengers or mail.

    Tram stop

    Unless a sign says otherwise, a driver must park at least 20 metres before a tram stop.

    Emergency lane

    Stopping in an emergency stopping lane is only allowed in the interests of safety, when the condition of the driver, passenger or vehicle makes it necessary.

    You cannot use the emergency stopping lane to change drivers, have a break, or answer your mobile phone.

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