Where To Place Your Safe Deposit Box

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Safe deposit boxes are the place to attract the energy of wealth most in a house, so how to place them for good feng shui needs special attention by homeowners.

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    The Wealth Position is usually the corner diagonally left from the main door. If you still have concerns, you can choose the Southeast direction, which is the direction of fortune.

    You should not make the opening direction the opposite direction of the main door, because this can lead to the loss of money.

    Keep the areas in the front of and around your safe deposit box always airy, and not messy or cluttered.

    Only place feng shui items on top of the safe deposit box. Do not use it as a table or a display space.

    To attract good luck and fortune, you can put feng shui items as the money frog, pixiu (strong winged lion figure) or  an apricot blossom shaped coin on it.

    Although the south east of any room, home, office or garden is the universal wealth corner, the north is regarded as the secondary feng shui wealth corner. This is also the corner that ensures you keep a steady job, lifestyle, and income flow.

    If your south east corner is missing, then you may often find yourself slipping into financial troubles. It will be hard saving money and building up great wealth and assets.

    If the north is missing, you may find yourself moving from one job to another, and never able to have a steady flow of income.

    You can fix this by using mirrors to double the space. Placing a mirror on the missing corner will give an illusion of space, and bring you your wealth. Make sure the mirror does not reflect the door or the bed.

    Houses and offices are of course different shapes and designs, so if you need more advice, consult a feng shui expert about the best place according to the layout of your particular house.

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