Which Is Better - Fresh Or Frozen?

13:49' 08-08-2017
We often hear that fresh vegetables are best for us, containing more vitamins, but when they get old we might feel we are wasting our money.

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    However, if we buy frozen vegetables, which keep longer, we might feel guilty that we're not buying the best for our family.

    In fact, experts tell us to eat fruit and vegetables mainly to get dietary fibre. The fibre is still good in old vegetables.

    Also, freezing vegetables does not destroy their vitamin content. A British study even found that antioxidant levels can be higher in frozen food than in fresh food.

    Here are the good and bad points of fresh and frozen vegetables.


    • Flavour can be better
    • Texture is usually better
    • Most nutrients if picked straight from the garden
    • Shop-bought produce can be over a week old before we eat it
    • More preparation time might be needed


    • Nutrients are “frozen in” very soon after picking
    • Convenient
    • Can be stored for longer
    • You can have vegetables and fruit out of season
    • Adds variety to the diet



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