Why You Think You Have Nothing To Wear

17:28' 04-09-2018
Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and been unable to find something to wear?

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    At those times, you may think “I have nothing to wear”, or “I hate all the clothes I have”. This is probably the eternal story of many women.

    There are many reasons for this “dress crisis”, but according to fashion experts, the main reason why you dislike your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear, and need to buy new clothes, is an unorganised and cluttered wardrobe.

    Because of cluttered wardrobes, many people usually wear only about 20% of their clothes, the things they can easily see when they open their wardrobes. That means you tend to use items of clothing that you see more often than unlucky ones buried somewhere.

    In a cluttered wardrobe, the items you see are of course much less than all your clothes, and that is why you always think you have less clothes, while you really have a lot.

    If you take the time to neatly arrange your wardrobe, you will realise that you have more clothes than you think. With too many items cluttering your wardrobe, you just wear what you can see, and these become the items you wear the most.

    So how can we improve the above 20%? The answer is simple: clean up your wardrobe and arrange everything neatly.

    It is a good idea to arrange items of clothing by type, colour and season. Fold and hang them in a certain order, and keep to it, to ensure that when you open your wardrobe, you can see all you have at a glance.

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