Why Your Car Uses More Fuel

05:31' 06-02-2018
The reason a car uses too much fuel is not simply because of its engine, but is the result of other external causes. Most of them are under the drivers control, and attention to them will get the most economical fuel consumption.

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    Make sure your tyres are inflated according to the specifications in the car's manual. When there is not enough pressure in tyres, the contact surface between the wheels and the road will be larger. If the pressure in tyres is too high, the vehicle will bounce along the road, causing discomfort and increasing fuel consumption. Both these things will increase fuel consumption.

    Tyre size

    Automobile manufacturers carefully calculate the tyre size when producing a car. If you deliberately replace the tyres with larger ones, this will greatly affect the fuel consumption. The big tyre will increase the contact area between it and the road, causing greater resistance and higher fuel consumption. Therefore, if there is no special reason, do not change the tyre size.

    Lack of maintenance

    Continuous use of the car over time will cause some parts to wear out. If they are not periodically inspected, replaced and maintained, their operation will become less effective, resulting in more fuel consumption, and even presenting a safety risk.

    Shape of the car

    Car tuning, or modification of the performance or appearance of a vehicle, is a popular trend for young people. The owners like to change the shape and colour of the car according to their preference. But this can be disastrous when the change does not suit the system built into the car. Its aerodynamics and smoothness will be certainly changed, and more fuel consumption is inevitable.

    Driving habits

    In addition to the above, driving habits are the main cause of too much fuel consumption. To save fuel when driving, bear the following tips in mind:

    • Avoid a sudden increase or decrease in speed, as this can raise fuel consumption by at least four times.
    • Turn off the lights and air conditioners when unnecessary.
    • It is better to slow down than rely only on brakes when stopping a car.

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