Year of the Earth Dog

01:08' 24-01-2018
On Thursday 15 February, the year of the Fire Rooster ends. The next day begins the year of the Earth Dog, which will end on February 4, 2019. The Year of the Dog is the eleventh year of the Asian 12-year cycle. The last Dog year was 2006 and the next will be 2030.

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    Dog people have excellent manners, easily make friends, work very hard, and appreciate the luxuries in life. They are very romantic and make loyal partners.

    People will focus on real estate, agriculture, and the home and environment this year, even spiritual things if they are related to a secure life. The Earth Dog sign is two mountains, so you might find some of your plans are blocked. But you also have the chance to climb up high and look ahead.

    Many famous musicians were born in the Dog Year, including Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie and Elvis Presley. Former US President Bill Clinton was born in the Dog Year, and so was current US President Donald Trump.

    The New Year will mainly be celebrated by Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese people, although many Australians outside these communities enjoy taking part. In the home countries, Lunar New Year is a festival as big as Christmas, lasting from three to five days. Thai, Lao and Khmer communities celebrate the New Year in April.

    Feasting and fun

    Food is common to all new year activities. Vietnamese New Year, Tet, features red sticky rice (Xôi Gấc), Vietnamese Sauage (giò chả), and Square Cake (Banh Chung). For Koreans, the traditional Seollal (New Year) meal is “duk gook”, a soup of thin rice cakes, or sometimes dumplings. Because birthdays are counted from the start of the New Year, parents tell their children they won't get older unless they eat some duk gook.

    On Chu Xi (New Year's Eve), Chinese people gather around the table together to wrap “jiaozi”(or “shui jiao”), small savoury meatballs wrapped in thin pastry and boiled. It is also traditional to have a fish, but you should only eat a little of it. The Chinese word for “fish” sounds the same as the word for “more”, so by leaving some “fish” you are also leaving “more” for the new year.


    Gathering with family, cleaning the house, and wearing good clothes are common New Year practices. The family gathering includes showing respect to the ancestors, or at least the senior members of the family. It's a common custom to give children small red envelopes containing money.   

    Chinese say not to sweep on New Year's Day, as you might sweep away your luck. The house should be cleaned before the New Year. Also, you should settle any debts or arguments before the New Year. Vietnamese like to decorate the home with apricot and peach flowers.

    In Chinese communities, the “Spring Festival” (Chun Jie) finishes with the Lantern Festival. Held on the first full moon night after the new year, people display colourful lanterns and drink warm rice wine.

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