Your Luck In The Earth Dog Year

20:30' 31-01-2018
Here is a quick snapshot of the coming year, based on the opinions of a number of astrologers.

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    This year is average but satisfying. Focus more energy on learning and don't force your luck. Career and finances will go well if you remain alert and careful. Some travel might be necessary. Face up to relationship issues, watch your temper and think before you speak.


    You will need a lot of patience, take things as they come while you wait for a luckier period. Use caution in any investments. Don't be stubborn, listen more to others. Most social activity will be good for you. Some people will give you support, but be careful who you trust.


    This is a very good year with big wins possible. Put your energy into your career, without going too far and wearing yourself out. Use a caring attitude with others, an aggressive approach could lead to unfriendly criticism. Old ties will serve you better than new ones.


    More order comes into your life, probably based on past efforts. Hard work will bear fruit in every area. Other people provide opportunities, always ask friends and colleagues for help. Extra expenses are possible. Social life will be very good but watch your reputation.


    Things will go slowly for you, requiring clever strategies to get by. Expect to feel stress at times. Avoid hunches and wishful thinking. If a plan or project isn't working, abandon it. In conflict with others, look for the path to partnership. Travel might be helpful. 


    With thought and planning, you can advance your ambitions. Work is stable and money flow is good if you get your priorities and sense of values right. Avoid people or situations which don't help you. Social relations go well, but be careful how you behave.


    You have more chance to move on your own, to improve your life and career. The best results come from regular practical effort. Work openly so others can see how responsible you are. Some things may take time, but you should not consider this a sign of failure.


    This should be a pleasant year, maybe fulfilling. Even with ups and downs, troubles turn out all right in the end. Put yourself first and be confident, don't let opportunity slip by. Socialise more, so others see your talents and virtues, you win more respect.


    To make progress, learn from past behaviour and mistakes. Be honest and think clearly about all choices. This year may be best for building stronger relations with others. It is a good year to move house or change jobs. Avoid major risks, especially with money.


    Your year is full of changes in career and romance. Work harder now to get the most out of its opportunities. Friends and colleagues give plenty of support. Try not to feel insecure in slow periods. Put money aside when you can, because there is some risk of losses.


    This is a hard year, with many obstacles and setbacks, but benefits are still within reach. Learn from your mistakes when your mood is low, and act when your spirits are higher. Don’t make major moves or plans, but still try new things if you are sure of the details.


    You are likely to make a huge career advance this year, and win recognition and praise for your abilities, maybe promotion or increased responsibilities. Take time to plan, as there is no pressure to act quickly. Avoid negative thinking and conflict in relations with others.

    Yan Yi



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