Your Skin Must Shine On The Big Day

19:43' 16-11-2017
Dont let the wedding day checklist leave out the most important item: your skin.

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    Even though you have chosen your dress, accessories, makeup and so on, bad skin will take some of the shine from your wedding day. Dermatologists recommend a number of ways you can keep your skin from losing its lustre and shine.

    • Wash your face twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, with the right product.

    • Apply an appropriate amount of lotion, not too little and not too much. The easiest way to estimate is to use enough lotion to cover the tip of your ring finger.

    • Apply sunscreen every day, to protect the skin from sun damage, reduce skin dryness effectively, and also help prevent aging and skin cancer.

    • Buy a small cream jar instead of a large one. Large cream jars can save you money but are not really good for your skin, because their expiry dates are between six months and a year. If you do not use all of your lotions before then, you will have to throw them out.

    • Exercise regularly, as this is a good way to remove toxins from your skin and make it firmer.

    • Sleep on silk pillowcases, they are softer to the skin than cotton ones.

    • Take all skin care steps. There are reasons why cosmetic manufacturers produce all kinds of products, from rose water toner to serum and lotion for each skin area. When you take all the skin care steps, your skin will be significantly improved. Do not just apply lotion before going to bed.

    • Each season has different weather, so you need to use skin care products to suit the season. Gel should be used in hot and humid summer, while moisturiser can be more effective in dry winter.

    • Coconut water is very good for skin. It helps improve blood circulation, making your skin smoother and healthier, whitening it from the inside, and preventing aging very effectively.

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