Your Workplace Could Be Causing Weight Gain

20:02' 10-04-2018
In spite of planning an extensive menu for each day, and preparing healthy foods for your main meals, people sometimes find they still gain weight. There are five reasons why this might be connected to your workplace.

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    • Frequent snacking is a major suspect. When suffering from work stress, we tend to want to eat sweets to relieve it. This is one way you can gain weight.

    • An unexpected event, such as a colleague's birthday party, or a meal with partners, throws a random element into your diet plan, causing your plan to fail.

    • Research has shown that we feel a need to eat more in low light conditions. The body responds the same way as for heat, needing more energy when it is cold. The low light fools the body into thinking it has the same need.

    • Working overtime is one of the major factors influencing your weight. When doing overtime, your circadian rhythm will be disturbed, because you do not eat on time or get enough sleep. This causes your weight to increase over time.

    • Work pressure also leads to weight gain. Stress causes your body to produce the hormone cortisol, making you crave foods which are high in fat and starch.


    Phung Nguyen

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