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15:00' 07-02-2019
For international students in Australia, it is not just their courses which present a challenge.

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    They need to know how to adapt to life in a new country, at least for the time they spend studying here, and the list of “extracurricular subjects” is huge.

    Like everyone else, they need accommodation, and that means they need to know how the rental system works in Australia.

    They will need transport, and if they want to use their own, then they need to learn the traffic laws, how to get a licence, and even how to buy a vehicle.

    If they are working part-time to support themselves while studying, they need to know their rights as a worker, their entitlement to superannuation, and how to fill in a tax return.

    For many years, Insider Guides has been providing advice to students, through their publications, website, email newsletter and other means.

    Now Insider Guides has opened its own YouTube channel, where you can access a wide range of useful help on your computer, phone or tablet.

    The advice can be as simple as how to buy a bicycle, or as complicated as how to do your tax return. There is a video giving a guide to finding accommodation, and a breakdown of the cost of living in Melbourne.

    There is even a video teaching you how to order a coffee.

    Explore them at

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